A guide to waterless Skincare

Guide to Waterless Skincare

It’s no secret that water is an essential component for a healthy life – in fact, up to 60% of the average human body is made up of water. It’s quite literally the foundation of who we are.

With water playing such an important role in keeping our body and mind healthy, you might be wondering just what the deal is with waterless skincare – and why it’s taking the world of beauty by storm. Is the need for waterless skincare really necessary?

Read on to discover everything you need to know about water-free skincare in our Wild Rising Skincare guide to waterless skincare.


What is waterless skincare?

The concept of water-free skincare (also known as anhydrous skincare) started in South Korea in 2015 and refers to products that are formulated without the use of water.

Instead, they are produced using alternatives such as fruit and flower water, plant extracts, waxes and oils. Some come in a concentrated powdered form that can be mixed with water at home to activate the product, like our Powder to Foam Cleanser, Naked, and our two clay face masks, Activated Charcoal Mask, Detox and Botanical Mask, Purify.

In other words, what you are getting is the product in its best form, without adding something that you could easily get from a tap.


Why choose waterless skincare products?

There are many reasons why we believe that waterless skincare is here to stay. Here are some of our top reasons why you need to get on the waterless skincare bandwagon:


Your skincare products will not be diluted

Some of the best-selling body and skincare products on the market contain up to 90% water,  which is usually listed on the ingredients as ‘aqua’. You may be paying for a bigger bottle simply because it’s got a hefty proportion of water, rather than active ingredients.

This means that some companies are using water to dilute the active ingredients, enabling them to promote their skincare products at a reduced price. We all love to save our pennies, but if you are purchasing a less effective product, or need to use more of it to get the desired result, then it's pointless, no?


Save water, save the planet

In many regions of our planet, communities are facing the prospect of water shortages, with 1.8 billion people expected to face water scarcity by 2025. This is an enormous global problem which we cannot ignore.

Even though it’s hard to truly imagine the scale of water shortages that a large proportion of the world’s population faces, many of us are already helping in small ways to conserve this precious resource. We are turning off the tap while brushing our teeth and taking shorter showers. But in recent years, some of the biggest cosmeceutical companies, such as L’Oreal, have recognised that they can play an important part in conserving water by reducing the amount they use in their products. After all, they are dealing with far greater quantities of water than the single individual!

It’s good to know that the major players in the beauty industry are catching up with the values of independent companies like ourselves. Us smaller companies have long been leading the trend in boycotting water use in skincare products, choosing nourishing botanical alternatives and rejuvenating oils as an alternative.


Waterless skincare products need less packaging

Another important and eco-friendly benefit of choosing waterless skincare is that the products need less packaging. 

By replacing water-based shower gels and cleansers with powders that foam when activated in the shower, you can help to reduce the use of plastic packaging. And with the holiday summer season approaching, waterless beauty products and cosmetics will take up much less room in your luggage. That leaves more room in your case for all those holiday essentials!

Waterless soap bars are a great choice for waterless body care, as not only do they help the planet with their reduced packaging, they are longer lasting, travel friendly, and highly versatile too. In the Wild Rising household we like to use traditional soap bars made with no added water like Hairy Janes Waterless Wonders, or Ethosas' waterless powder-to-gel body washes, both have been complete game changers.


See our own range of waterless skincare:

You can find the entire waterless range here.


Waterless skincare is good for you – and our planet

Here at Wild Rising, we strive to offer natural skincare products that align with your important values. Everything we produce is cruelty-free, ethically made and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. 

If you’d like to adopt waterless skincare as part of your socially responsible beauty routine, check out our selection of waterless skincare that will nourish and hydrate your skin. Also remember that we don’t add unnecessary water to any of our other products.





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