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What Do We Mean by Refills & Plastic-Free?

In recent years, the global movement to reduce plastic waste has gained significant momentum, driven by growing environmental concerns and the need for sustainable solutions. As a responsible natural skincare business, we have recognised the urgent need to minimise our ecological footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. That's why we are thrilled to introduce plastic-free skincare refill options, taking a significant step towards a more sustainable future.


The Beauty Industry's Role, Our role

The beauty industry, while offering products that help enhance our well-being, has historically been associated with excessive packaging waste. The shift towards sustainable practices is crucial to mitigate the industry's impact on the environment. By introducing plastic-free skincare refill options, we aim to lead the charge in transforming the beauty industry into a more eco-conscious sector.


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Benefits of Plastic-Free Skincare Refills

1. Reducing Plastic Waste:

By providing refill options, we significantly decrease the demand for single-use plastic pipettes, pumps and spray tops. This proactive approach helps combat plastic pollution by minimising the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and our beautiful oceans.


2. Cost Savings:

Plastic-free skincare refills result in cost savings for us as a business.This cost saving has therefore been passed onto you as the consumer, making our sustainable options more accessible and affordable. Win win all around we say!


3. Encouraging Sustainable Behaviour:

By actively promoting plastic-free refill options, we hope to inspire our customers to adopt sustainable habits and join us in the fight against plastic waste. Together, we can create a ripple effect that leads to positive change in the broader community.


How to Use our Skincare Refills

It's really easy, simply take the plastic pipette, spray or pump lid from your empty bottle, pop it onto your refill and then recycle the old glass bottle and aluminium lid with your kerbside collection.



Our Commitment to Sustainability

Introducing plastic-free skincare refills is just one aspect of our commitment to sustainability. We recognise that this is an ongoing journey and that there is more work to be done. To further minimise our environmental impact, we are actively exploring other eco-friendly packaging alternatives in addition to evolving our void fill when packing your orders.


A More Eco-Conscious Future

Embracing plastic-free skincare refills is a significant step forward in our mission to operate as a sustainable business. By reducing plastic waste, conserving resources, and inspiring positive change, we are proud to contribute to a healthier and more eco-conscious future. We encourage other businesses within the beauty industry to join us on this transformative journey, as together, we can make a meaningful difference for our planet and future generations.


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