Taking the natural stand.

  • She’s the wild, feline, untamed part of you

    Why have we called ourself WILD RISING?
    We believe each woman has the innate power to remember her real roots, before society changed her ways.

    Woman have a soul need to express themselves. Woman have a soul need to develop and blossom in ways that make sense to them, and for many woman, the capturing comes when they reach adulthood, as this is the first opportunity to be free and to reconnect with their instinctual self.



  • To clay or not to clay.

    Sometimes knowing what to buy when it comes to face masks can be confusing. Each clay has its own amazing and individual benefits. Here’s a little break down to make it easier.
  • Why our products contain zero water

    Why we use zero water in our products? Simple, more ingredients with more Oomph.