The Dos and Don'ts of Teen Skincare

The Dos and Don'ts of Teen Skincare

" The growing trend of children and young teens using skincare products could leave them with irreversible skin problems ", the British Association for Dermatologists has warned.

Ingredients like retinol and fragrances are popular ingredients in teenage skincare but while okay for older skin — can cause redness, flaking and rashes on young teens and tweens. Older teenagers also risk worsening their acne by using unnecessary and harsh ingredients. We like to remember the days when the thing to do was to use Clearasil when struggling with teenage spots, not the ten-step routine we are seeing these days.

The rise in teenagers using skincare is unfortunately heavily influenced by social media (TikTok in particular) and influencers who are showing their in-depth skincare routines, most often accompanied by expensive skincare brands. Sadly there is often an unhealthy focus on anti-aging too.


What skincare is good for teenagers?


In this blog, we'll explore the dos and don'ts for teens and tweens skin, providing useful tips to help parents and teenagers choose the right products for their skin.


The Dos of Teenage Skincare

1) Wash face gently, once daily 

Use a mild, fragrance-free, natural cleanser to remove excess dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping the skin of its essential moisture and oils. Cleanse in the morning and ensure all makeup is removed before bedtime.

When choosing the right cleanser, opt for something that is natural and not too harsh and too exfoliating. Choose a moisturising, water based cleanser like our Canvas, Moisturising Cream Cleanser as it's ideal for gently cleansing the skin, helping to keep moisture locked in, it also doubles up as a makeup remover too.

The use of harsh exfoliants, cleansing tools and gadgets aren't needed and will damage the teens skin barrier and possibly lead to problems like acne.  


2) Moisturise daily

Whether it's normal or oily skin that the teenager has, when moisturising it's important not to overdo it or choose the wrong products and actually worsen the problem. Always opt for non-comedogenic products that will not clog the pores. 

Normally we wouldn't advise using oils, especially if the skin is particularly oily which you often find with teenage skin. However we would recommend using an oil like hemp. Hemp seed oil is perfect for acne prone teenage skin as it closely resembles the sebum that the skin naturally produces and therefore helps regulate the oil production rather than doing the opposite.

We actually wrote an earlier blog on the incredible benefits of hemp seed for the skin here.

3) Hydrate from within

You know it, we all know it. Drink Water.

Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated from the inside out. Proper hydration supports overall skin health and helps flush out toxins. This is really important for teenage skin because if you're dehydrated, your skin will either be really dry which can lead to skin problems or even overly oily, leading to worsening acne.    


The Don'ts of Teenage Skincare

Teenage skin doesn't need much to be healthy, below you'll find a few things that will help keep teenage acne at bay, or at least help with those hormonal breakouts.


1) Over-cleansing teenage skin

This is a biggy, resisting the temptation to over-cleanse the skin. By over cleaning the skin it can strip away essential, natural oils, leading to increased oil production and potential teenage breakouts.

As teenagers, increase in hormones can naturally lead to breakouts, so being sure not to make this worse is key to helping maintain clear happy skin.   


2) Don’t get caught in the trap of makeup wipes

We get the attraction, we love convenience too. But, when convenience comes at a price of healthy skin, we’d rather throw them in the bin (or avoid buying them in the first place).

Makeup wipes usually contain alcohol which is an irritant for your skin. When your skin becomes dehydrated, or it’s stripped of its natural oils, this can overstimulate oil production. As a result, you guessed it, acne, which we’re all trying to avoid in our teenage years, right? As mentioned earlier we have the solution for removing make-up  


3) Using harsh scrubs and exfoliants

Do not use abrasive scrubs excessively. Harsh exfoliation can irritate the skin and lead to potential breakouts. We recommend avoiding these like the plague.   


4) Picking at spots

We don't have to tell you this, it's the same for all of us. Don't pick your spots. Picking and/or squeezing can push bacteria and pus deeper into the skin, which might cause more swelling and redness. Squeezing also can lead to scabs and might leave you with permanent pits or scars.   


5) Sharing Makeup and Skincare Products

Sharing makeup and skincare products can transfer unwanted bacteria to the skin and in turn contribute to breakouts. Always use your own products and be sure to clean your makeup tools and brushes regularly.   


Teenage Skin Woes

Teenage skin can be significantly affected while the body undergoes hormonal changes. Therefore, during this period it's very important to pay special attention to teenage skin. By choosing natural and gentle skincare products, it's possible to prevent or at least minimise the appearance of blackheads and the worsening of skin conditions, like acne.

Taking care of your skin as a teenager is an investment in your future complexion. By following these dos and don'ts, you can establish a skincare routine that promotes clear and healthy skin. Remember, don't over do it and be consistent. If you have specific concerns, consider consulting with a dermatologist for personalised advice.


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