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How to choose thoughtful, sustainable skincare gifts for busy mums this Christmas

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for your mum, your partner, or your mum-friend is a big deal. 

Mums work tirelessly for their families, they always put themselves last, and it’s super easy for them to be taken for granted. So, a thoughtful, considerate Christmas gift for the busy mum in your life will show her just how valued she is. 

I’m Dani, and I’m the founder and director of Wild Rising Skincare. I’ve created a range of luxurious pampering products designed for skincare lovers. 

I know exactly what busy mums want for Christmas because I’m a busy mum myself! I’ve got three lively children and I run Wild Rising Skincare single handed. When it comes to the ideal gift for your mum this Christmas, I might be the best person in the world to help you choose.

Christmas Gift Sets starting from £24


Christmas skincare gift sets to rejuvenate her skin 

Good Christmas presents delight whoever opens them. But, the best presents are personal, ethical, and last longer than a few days after Christmas. 

Buying skincare for a busy mum encourages her to take some time for herself in 2023. She’ll get to enjoy the products over and over again, gently building a routine for herself. It won’t just be her skin which improves, but her confidence and mental health could too. 

January and February are difficult. It’s cold, it’s dark, and this can really affect your skin. Dryness, irritation, and redness all characterise winter skin, and giving a gift to tackle all of this might be exactly what your mum needs. The Glow Getter Gift Set comes with the Radiance Restorative Serum, the Naked Powder to Foam Cleanser and a beautiful Rose Quartz Gua Sha to smooth the serum into tired skin. 

If you’d like to gift a full skincare routine for the busy mum in your life, Skincare Lovers Gift Set is what you’re looking for. The Moonlight Smoothing and Brightening Face Oil, the Canvas Organic Cream Cleanser, and the Wild Rose Organic Rose Water Toner will all inspire her to take a moment every day for herself, and give her clean, glowing, hydrated skin for 2023. 


glow getter christmas gift ser

Glow Getter Gift Set £60


Sustainable bath kits to give her more than a moment’s peace

You know the busy mum in your life best. Is she more of a shower person or bath lover? 

Because if baths are her thing, you cannot go wrong with a deeply relaxing Bath Lovers Gift Set. It’s a dreamy kit with four different unique bath salt blends. 

She’ll get each of these gorgeous packs, enriched with calming aromatherapy oils:

  • Awaken: lavender, jasmine, and rose bath salts
  • Uplift: orange, lemon, and peppermint bath salts
  • Unwind: chamomile, and neroli bath salts
  • Hero: eucalyptus, and lavender bath salts

All she’ll need is to tip a handful of salt into steaming bath water and she’ll get to treat herself to luxurious spa- like experience each week. Every mum needs a little encouragement to relax and take some time for herself, and a bath kit will do just that.  


bath lover christmas gift

 Bath Lovers Gift Set £24


Vegan face masks to support self- care

There’s nothing that says self-care like a deeply hydrating face mask. Lots of busy mums need to both look after their skin, and to give themselves a proper break. A face mask does both. 

The Masking Magic Skincare Gift Set is a perfect gift. She’ll have two mask options depending on what her skin needs in that moment. Detox which is made with activated charcoal or Purify a dreamy pink clay mask. She’ll also get a ritual bowl, mask brush and spoon. 

Whether she applies her face mask while she relaxes in the bath, or she cracks open her favourite bottle of wine on the sofa, she’ll be having a great time. And what mum wouldn’t want to start 2023 with pampering, soothing moments and deeply restored skin? It’s exactly what she deserves. 


 masking magic gift set

Masking Magic Gift Set £48


Make it personal: get the mum gift she’ll love

You know your mum, partner, or mum- friend best. So, this is your opportunity to be super thoughtful and create a unique gift set just for her. You might like to get her a selection of minis  so she can find her new favourite products. Or might know she has a particular skin problem which bothers her so you can create a box full of products for sensitive skin or for dryness

It'll be beautifully packaged with shredded paper, tissue paper, and a personalised message if you want to include one. 


Keep Christmas shopping simple for yourself

Ok, this one is a gift for yourself really. Thinking carefully about the exact gift your mum, mum-friend, or partner would love doesn’t have to be hard work. 

There are lots of ways to make Christmas shopping easy for you, while still sticking to your sustainable values. Here’s my top tips:

  • Get all the gifts you can in one place to limit your transactions and searching time
  • Choose a UK small business which offers free shipping
  • Opt for a gift card if you’re not sure what your mum would love 
  • Double check the last shipping date (Wild Rising Skincare’s last shipping date is 21st December 2022) so your gifts will definitely arrive in time for Christmas

Another way to keep it easy for yourself is to choose a luxury gift box which covers both skincare and bath time. On Cloud Nine is designed to deeply relax and restore with the bright scents of orange, lemon, and peppermint Uplift bath salts and the super moisturising Sundaze coconut & orange body oil. 


on cloud nine gift set

 On Cloud Nine Gift Set £35


What are her values? Ethical, natural gifts

Here’s a super important tip which really takes a nice present to a spectacular one. Consider the person you’re buying for. What does she really value? If she’s like you, and she cares about sustainability, about natural ingredients, and about supporting small businesses, grabbing her something from a supermarket isn’t going to be as impactful as you might like. 

Take the time to work out which details she’ll care about: recyclable packaging, UK businesses, and cruelty free skincare products. Think carefully about the ingredients she’ll like best. All of our products are free from harsh ingredients or synthetic fragrances.

Show her just how much you care by considering her values as you shop. 

So, there you go! All the tips and advice you need to choose a thoughtful, sustainable skincare gift for the busy mother in your life.

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Wishing you the happiest Christmas from my home to your home.


This SEO- friendly blog was written by Bonnie Harrington, a Bristol- based copywriter and content writer for creative, sustainable, and independent small businesses. If you’d like a blog just like this for your business, get in touch here.




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