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Discover the Magic of Christmas: Supporting Local Small Businesses in Devon

In the charming and picturesque region of Devon, where the rolling countryside meets stunning coastline, there's a unique opportunity to make your Christmas shopping more meaningful this year. Instead of trudging through the aisles of big retail stores or scrolling endlessly through online retail giants, we want to invite you to embark on a journey with us to explore the warmth and authenticity of Devon's local small businesses.

This Christmas gift guide is a little different to our last (8 Unique Christmas Gifts From Small Businesses In 2023), as this time we are taking you on a delightful tour of Devon's hidden treasures and the passionate female-led entrepreneurs behind them. From artisanal goods to handmade crafts, neat craft kits to one-of-a-kind finds, you'll discover a wide array of options that will not only make your loved ones' hearts sing but will also support the local economy and contribute in ensuring Devon's communities continue to thrive.

So, grab your coziest jumper, and a warm drink, because we're about to embark on a festive journey through the beautiful landscape of Devon and unearth the perfect Christmas gifts that carry a piece of Devon's spirit. This Christmas, let's come together to make a difference, support local businesses, and make the season a little brighter for everyone!


1) Beginner Hat + Scarf Knit Kit by That Crafty Stitch


Beginner hat and scarf knit kit


Let's kick off this Local Christmas Small Business Gift Guide with a present practically perfect for just about anyone. Whether you're seeking that perfect gift for a crafty friend or family member, or they're a complete novice looking to explore the world of knitting, this Beginner Knit Kit by Torquay business gal, That Crafty Stitch is your golden ticket to a world of warmth and creativity. There's something truly heartwarming about crafting your own cozy scarves and snug hats to keep you warm during the chilly months. And what better way to introduce someone to the world of knitting than with their very own Chunky Scarf and Hat Knit Kit to do just that.

This knit kit comes complete with everything your crafty loved one needs to get  started and super easy instructions with pictures, and even videos. Founder, Sam says 'Our beginner led knit kits walk you through stitch by stitch, so you don’t need to worry about unravelling in the process'. 

Shop That Crafty Stitchs' Beginner Chunky Scarf & Hat Kit From £37.00

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2) Handmade Wooden Shell Mirror by Rosie Meringue


Rosie Meringue custom-made mirror


In a world brimming with choices, one category of gifts stands out for its ability to transform spaces and evoke emotions: Home Decor. 

This gift may well be one of my favs for that very reason. I mean who wouldn't love to receive this custom-made mirror by Rosie Meringue! Gifting home decor isn't just about filling a room with beautiful objects; it's about adding a personal touch to someone's living space.

Everything in her range is personalised and Scandinavian-inspired, with products ranging from custom-made wall name signs to announcement plaques, more bespoke mirrors and cake toppers. Rosie's' products always bring a natural, personal and timeless vibe to any decor.

Located in Devon, Rosie Meringue makes everything by hand from sustainably sourced birch plywood. She takes great pride in hand sanding each product to achieve the best possible finish so it's ready for your home and for you to enjoy.

Shop Rosie Meringues' Shell Mirror £30.00

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3) Sterling Silver Wave Ring by Kathleen Kelly


Sterling Silver Wave Ring


There's a unique connection that some people share with the sea – an unspoken bond that draws them to the shore, fills their hearts with tranquility, and fuels their spirits with a deep sense of wonder. If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who's captivated by the ocean's vast beauty, then you'll probably know just how profound this connection can be. And what better way to honour their love for the deep blue than by choosing the perfect gift that echoes the waves, the salty breeze, and the mesmerizing blue expanse?

The next Devon based business is Kathleen Kelly Jewellery and her stunning Sterling Silver Wave RingHer bespoke jewellery is more than just a gift, it's a gift that transcends material value and becomes a cherished symbol of the love, care, and support that the Christmas season represents.

Kathleen's handmade pieces are tangible works of art that encapsulate her creativity and her fine craftsmanship. She says 'When you choose a piece from my collection, you embark on a personal and meaningful journey.

Shop Kathleen's Silver Wave Ring £30.00

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4) Festive Flower Bouquet by In Bloom Floristry


Festive Christmas Flower Bouquet


Number 4 in our Local Christmas Gift Guide is this stunning festive bouquet by In Bloom Floristry . This Torquay based business is run by Natalie, a self-confessed flower addict. She says  'gifting a festive bouquet at Christmas is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer and make the season even more special', we couldn't agree more.

 A Christmas bouquet, adorned with rich reds, deep greens, and glistening accents, captures the spirit of the season perfectly. Whether you're gifting it to a dear friend, family member, or a colleague, this Christmas bouquet is a versatile gift that suits any relationship. Natalies' radiant arrangements not only add a touch of nature's beauty to the festivities but they also serve as a reminder of the joy and togetherness that define this time of year. So, if you're looking for a meaningful gift to give this Christmas holiday, consider the timeless charm of a festive bouquet that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Shop Festive Bouquet From £40

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5) Gingerbread Soy Wax Candle by Amberhoney


gingerbread soy candle


When you give someone a handmade candle, you're not just offering a gift; you're giving them an experience. Just picture it, the flickering light of a candle, gifted by you will create a cozy ambiance, bringing your loved one a sense of peace and tranquility during the festive chaos - whilst all the time, remembering who gave them the tool to invite peace, you!

This Gingerbread Soy Wax Candle is part of Dartmouth business owner, Amberhoneys' limited edition Christmas collection. Founder, Katie has a brick and mortar shop where she offers a whole range of products, from soy wax candles & melts, home fragrance accessories, original art prints, cement homeware and soft furnishings. More recently, Amberhoney has become Wild Risings' first Dartmouth stockist which of course we are over the moon with. 

So, if you know someone who is a fan of cosy scents (I mean who isn't?!), this candle is for them! Biscuit notes combined with cinnamon and caramel, what a perfect addition to everybody's home.

Shop Gingerbread Soy Candle £18

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6) Switch Off Skincare Gift Set by Wild Rising Skincare


switch off gift set by wild rising skincare


How could we write a Christmas Gift guide championing fellow local small businesses and not include ourselves in the list. If you weren't already aware of Wild Rising Skincare (we'd be foolish to assume), we are an award-winning, natural and organic skincare brand based in beautiful Torbay, Devon. Wild Rising Skincare was born when a natural skincare obsessive, Danielle grew frustrated by the offerings on the market and made the decision to start making her own products at home that she knew would meet her expectations. Fast forward three years and our natural and organic beauty range has grown exponentially.

So what do you give to a beauty obsessed bestie who has just about everything? An ultra-hydrating duo of rose infused bath and body care must-haves of course! This pampering Christmas Switch Off Gift Set contains 300g of ultra-soothing rose infused bath salts, that have been blended with a trio of relaxing and floral oils. They'll also receive a lightweight coconut and rose body oil to massage into the skin before heading to the land of nod, something your loved ones will thank you for.

The Switch Off Gift Set will not only aid your loved ones skin, relaxation and mind, it will make you the firm favourite gift giver, 10 points to you. 

Spoil the skincare lover in your life this Christmas with skincare and beauty gift sets to make their skin sing. We have a wide range to choose from, you can view them all here.




So there you have it, embracing the magic of Christmas goes beyond the twinkling lights and festive decorations; it's about fostering a sense of community and supporting local small businesses like ourselves, in Devon. By choosing to shop locally and investing in handmade, natural products, you're not only treating people to high-quality products but also contributing to the growth and prosperity of your local Devon community. This festive season, let's celebrate the spirit of giving by making conscious choices that not only enhance our well-being but also uplift the artisans and entrepreneurs around us. Together, we can create a more sustainable and vibrant community, making every purchase a small act of kindness that reverberates far beyond the Christmas season.




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