Why our products contain zero water

Serums, moisturisers, facial oils, fluids. Confused? We don’t blame you. That’s why we want to make it simple whilst providing you with the very best for your skin.

You may have noticed, but the products within the WILD RISING skincare range are all waterless. We’ve chosen to use organic oils as the base in many of our products, with further innovation coming later in 2020. And here’s why:

More Ingredients with more Oomph

Did you know that water-based products, such as moisturisers, typically contain up to 75% water? Well, it’s no surprise that its INCI name, ‘Aqua’ appears in first position on the ingredients listing of these products. Okay, so you’re left with 30% for your skin-beneficial ingredients, right? Wrong. When you add water to a product, you have to add preservatives therefore shrinking the percentage of these beneficial ingredients.

One of our very first visions was to ensure WILD RISING products were filled to the brim with beautiful, effective, skin-loving ingredients. The oils act as a natural preservative, meaning there’s no nasty additions to the formulations, just 100% natural, organic ingredients tailored to tackle your specific skin concerns. Take a look at our 100% flower water toners for an example. 

So here’s the scientific bit…

The molecular weight of water is much greater than that of an oil, which means that water-based formulations struggle to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Unlike an oil, which can lock-in moisture, absorb past the epidermal barrier carrying these precious ingredients with them, whilst protecting the lipid barrier function and lock-in moisture into these deeper layers of the skin, where we need it most. Water-based products have the ability to actually dehydrate the skin by affecting the skin’s natural moisture levels. Applied directly to the skin, water can disrupt the balance of natural oils, since water and oil are repellents. As we discovered in chemistry; if you add oil to water, they separate and never mix together; this also happens on the skin.

WILD RISING products contain zero water. Zero preservatives.